In English

   The first school in Kuliai was opened in 1805. When Charist Russia banned Lithuanian schools, children were taught secretly or in a  Russian school. In 1905 it was started to teach pupils in Lithuanian again. The school changed its status many times, expanded and in 1955 it became a secondary school.

    At present there are about 210 pupils and about 30 well-qualified teachers. The 11th and 12th form  students have got all opportunities to get general education corresponding educational standards.

    Besides, there are good possibilities for extra-curricular activities and self-expression. Most students after finishing the secondary school continue their studies at universities , colleges and other  schools. According to these  data and the results of state exams  Kuliai secondary school is among the first hundred best schools in Lithuania. Our school is distinguished for its traditional culture, nice intercommunication, good microclimate.

     A very important fact is that all teenagers up to 16 years of age attend school, most of them finish secondary school and try to achieve higher education and other significant activity, observe morals and laws.

    The staff of the school is stable, initiative, trying to promote creative and physical abilities of every youth of Kuliai district.

     The director of the school is Leonas Pečkauskas.